Dos And Don’ts Of Traveling

We have been trying to make the best of our Instagram feeds by having amazing trips of our lives. However, sometimes these vacation turn out to be horrible due to events that we don’t foresee.

It is also because we are too excited to experience a trip and we forget that this trip will also give you a cultural shock. Hence, we need to follow proper etiquettes to avoid any sort of mishap during the whole adventure. After all, we don’t want the adventure to turn into a horrendous scene. Hence, we have compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts of traveling. Shall we hit the road?

  • Keep your ticket bookings safe. In this digital era, we avoid taking print outs. However, keep all forms of tickets along with you i.e., the printed one and the digital ones. What if you lose your phone? Also, will be your go-to buddy for all your ticketing issues.
  • Book your hotels prior to your actual trip. It might help you in saving a lot of money. That’s not all; it becomes difficult to find a decent hotel/hostel when you are visiting a vacation spot in the touristy season.
  • Do Check Out culture. We know that you might be interested in checking out the entire shiny world. However, going to the nooks and corners to see the hidden culture of a place has its own fun. That’s why renting a home is the best way to explore the cultural side. You can get the best home stays on
  • Prepare well before stepping onto your next adventure. Being spontaneous is fun and all that but having a proper itinerary might help. It is difficult to be in a total stranger country and act like a “know-it-all” and it’s also a little dumbish! So, why not take a helping hand and ask the best in the industry –!
  • Keep in touch. With a feature in, you can now connect with other travelers in the same region. It helps you keep a tab on what is going on in the country and how safe or unsafe it is to be in that particular region. So, let’s start planning your next trip with
  • Don’t leave without layering. You never know what kind of weather will strike the region while you are vacay-ing there. Hence, keep up the layers in your suitcase and make sure you pack everything you need; from clothes to toiletries, from gadgets to accessories. DO to NOT FORGET IT!
  • Don’t photograph without permission. You don’t want to land in a tricky situation when in an alien land. There is always a chance that someone might get offended by your habit of clicking anything and everything. Clicking personal moments are the trickiest. So, make sure you are clicking only after permission or not at all.
  • Don’t forget to keep a map with you. Getting lost in a land that doesn’t belong to you is horrible. You might come across people that are not safe and that is the reason you need a map throughout your trip. This is when the “Connect With Other Travelers” feature of will come handy.
  • Don’t forget the encashment certificate. While you are getting your currency exchanged, there is a chance that the currency turns out to be fake. And you don’t want another major struggle on your trip. This is when you need to ask for an encashment certificate or you will be screwed.
  • Don’t leave your cash and valuables in the hotel room. We know the hotels ensure you about security but why to take a chance with the things that are most useful in a foreign country? Also, keep your cash divided into different pockets and slots, just in case you lose one wallet, you should have another one.